Professor James Batchelor
Director of CIRU

Bal Gill 2018.jpg

Bal Gill
Head of Operations & Delivery


CIRU Support

Lawrence Surey 2018.jpg

Lawrence Surey
Delivery & Support Officer


Suzi Chaperlin
PA to Director of CIRU


EDGE KNOWLEDGe & development

Dave Osler

Dave Osler
Head of Knowledge

Lee Pearce
Knowledge Officer

Nicky Morris
Knowledge Officer

Jen Peach.jpg

Jen Peach
Knowledge Officer

Rui Carvalho

Rui Carvalho


David Miller
Head of Development

Josh Lovejoy
Test Analyst

Andy Bush
Lead Developer



Richard Munday.jpg

Richard Munday
Business Manager

Karen Long EDGE team

Karen Long
Research Administrator

Kevin Wheeler
Clinical Research Analyst Programmer

Helen Moyses EDGE team

Helen Moyses

Dr Nicole Vaughan-Spickers
Clinical Research Analyst Programmer

Ching EDGE team

Ching Cheng
Research Data Analyst



Bart Feenstra

Bart Feenstra
Clinical Research Analyst Programmer

Daniel kite team

Daniel Precupet
Software Developer

Oana Paul kite team

Oana Paul
Software Developer

Evelina Kite team

Evelina Ivanova
Software Developer



Hang Phan.jpg

Dr Hang Phan
Data Science Technical Lead

Florina Borca.jpg

Florina Borca
Senior Information Analyst for Research & Development


ResIn team

Michael Head

Dr Michael Head
Senior Research Fellow

Rebecca Brown 2018.jpg

Dr Becky Brown
Research Fellow


CIRU Academic, Industry & Creative

Dr Kenny Brackstone
Research & Insight Analyst

Tim Gibbons
Enterprise Fellow & Project Manager

Gela Jenssen
Design & Creative Officer

David Cleary.jpg

Dr David Cleary
Senior Research Fellow

Patrick Oxford, CIRU

Pat Oxford
Data Analyst & Knowledge Support 


Martin Grange
Industry Knowledge Officer

Beth Caruana
Marketing & Communications Knowledge Support Specialist