EDGE: The Power of Data- For everyone. Anywhere. In real-time.

The EDGE programme has successfully been embedded into the clinical research infrastructure within 80% of England’s NHS regions, Scotland and Ireland. EDGE has also been implemented overseas in countries including Canada, Belgium and New Zealand, as well as pilots taking place in Australia, Philippines, South Africa, Brazil and more. EDGE, finalists of the Clinical Research Innovation Awards 2019 is an innovative cloud-based system dedicated to developing a unique approach to the management and conduct of clinical research through its purpose-built software. It provides research professionals with faster access to real-time data, allowing them to track and manage their studies from start to finish as well giving them complete oversight of their patient recruitment.

Not only does EDGE improve the quality of research data but it also provides more time to be spent with patients, delivering better care and faster treatment.


Over 5 million patients are being managed by NHS organisations within the system


322 of our users actively contribute new ideas for EDGE - 40% of which go on to be developed.



Our average first response time to email support queries is just 15 minutes


EDGE is used by a wide range of users, including pharmacy staff, clinical assistants and research governance officers. We are very proud of the feedback and comments we receive. Here you can find just a handful of things people have to say:

The flexibility offered by EDGE means we have been able to successfully introduce it not just to the research staff but also to our service departments, such as Imaging, who traditionally have used standalone systems. This means we are benefiting as we can use the system as an intelligent data management tool to fully integrate information from all departments to produce meaningful, quality data for outcome analysis.
— Maria Maguire, The Clatterbridge Centre NHS Foundation Trust, England- UK
We wanted a system that was intuitive to use and that focused on the needs of both researchers and research managers. We knew that we also had to have information about how we are performing at our fingertips but wanted to reduce the reporting burden for our research teams. The EDGE system delivered all of our requirements.
— Helen Lewis, North Bristol NHS Trust, England- UK
My experience using EDGE is one full of gratitude and appreciation. The system is very easy to use. Not only does the system promote collaboration with our partners, it is real time and I greatly appreciate the various reporting functionalities of the system. I can see at a glance all our research studies and easily track their status on EDGE. I am grateful to the special team that put this system together. You have done a great job!
— Oge Ezeh, Covenant Health, Alberta- Canada
EDGE has enhanced my organisational skills, IT skills, and communication skills through its usage, as my core team of colleagues can see my activity in terms of recruitment per month. It gives me focus and structure to see how my activity is, has been, and what is still to be achieved. I have made it a part of my recruitment routine so it is no extra effort to input the details. I like that it is all in one place.
— Davina Hewitt, Urology Research Sister, University Hospitals Coventry & Warwickshire- UK