The Monthly EDGE Release

EDGE Logo on grey background

Each month we bring you a new release of the EDGE system which can include new functionality, bug fixes and updates. Before the release goes onto EDGE Live and Demo we first deploy it to the Beta environment for user acceptance testing. Users are given the chance to test any updates or fixes made which are listed on release notes sent out to our local admins (usually on the day of the release). The following month is when the Beta release will go onto both EDGE Live and Demo so if there are any problems we ask you let us know before this date via our support line

Recent example of the EDGE release:

Release 008 was deployed onto EDGE Beta on 03/May/2016 for user acceptance testing and will be deployed onto EDGE live and EDGE Demo on the 06/June/2016. On this same day Release 009 is scheduled to be deployed onto EDGE Beta for user acceptance testing and will be deployed onto the EDGE Live and Demo the following month, and so on.

Helpful points:

  • The release window is usually on the evening of the first Monday of every month (or the first working day after a bank holiday)
  • Release notes are sent to local admins explaining the updates made
  • Contact our support email for any queries or problems with the release
  • EDGE Live & Demo are always in sync
  • EDGE Beta is one version ahead of Live and Dem