New Space, New Staff

Team members at EDGE

New Space

Here at EDGE we have recently moved from our previous basement location to a much more lighter, brighter and bigger space. Now we have a great working area including a large meeting space for those Monday morning meetings, a smaller meeting room which is great for teleconferences and training sessions, as well as separate offices for both our Knowledge and Development team.

New Staff- Knowledge

As we moved into our new space this May we also had new staff members join. We have expanded the knowledge team with a new Knowledge officer and three new Knowledge Support Analysts. Our new Knowledge Officer is Nicky Morris, who has come from a computer software company where she worked as a project manager. From her previous experience Nicky brings fantastic skills and knowledge of IT to our team. 

The first of the Knowledge Support Analyst’s is Joshua Lovejoy who previously worked as a Research Governance Officer and lead EDGE admin in a busy R&D department. Second, we have Beth Caruana who also comes from an R&D background as well as having experience in Clinical Trials within pharmacy. And last, but not least we have Pat Oxford who not long ago graduated and gained a degree in Molecular Biology and is already proving himself to be a bit of a computer whiz.

New Staff- Development

We have also recently gained a new member to the development team, Matt Andrews. Matt worked as a Test Analyst for a company called Denplan before landing a job in the capital of the UK as a QA Analyst. Here at EDGE Matt is filling the new role of Test Lead.

New Staff– Delivery

We also have Baljinder (Bal) Gill who is also filling a new post as Head of Delivery and Operations. Previously, Bal worked as a Strategy and Business planning manager and has extensive sales and marketing experience.

Steph & Kenny

We currently have Steph, our intern and Kenny a research fellow currently working with us.

Steph is currently assisting on a range of projects in both the Clinical Informatics Research Unit and Institute for Life Sciences at the University of Southampton, where she completed her BSc Psychology degree earlier this year. The main project that Steph is working on surrounds the research, development and testing of a healthcare app that will assist NHS medical staff in their treatment of patients and improve patient experience. At the end of her internship Steph is heading off to Sri Lanka for 3 months to volunteer in hospitals, schools, and rehabilitation centres where she will put her psychology background to good use by providing much needed support to the local mental health services. In the long term, Steph is looking forward to completing a Masters in Neuropsychology in order to pursue a career in research.

Kenny is a postdoctoral research fellow at the Faculty of Medicine, University of Southampton. He completed his Ph.D. in Psychology in March 2015 and is currently working on a research project here at EDGE. Kenny is investigating whether psychological characteristics of cancer patients predict treatment satisfaction and quality of life in patients undergoing treatment. He is also exploring how likely psychological characteristics influence additional use of health services throughout treatment. He is working towards validating a psychosocial screening tool which alerts to healthcare professionals which patients are potentially “at risk” of experiencing difficulties throughout their treatment and, thus, may need additional help and support.

Steph and Kenny at EDGE