Microsoft Power BI

Looking for inspiration for your next Power BI Report?

Microsoft Power BI

Microsoft has a growing community of users all across the globe. There are accomplished users within the community that are enthusiastic to show off the data analysis and report designs that they have created. Some of these reports are held in the Data Stories Gallery on Microsoft’s website, found here.

Within this Data Stories Gallery, you will find all sorts of different reports based on topics as far reaching as the North Korean missile capability to cheerier subjects such as the World Cup. Whilst the topic areas might not be strictly Clinical Research or even Healthcare, the reports demonstrate the wide array of methods of visualising data that are available to users.

If you wanted to take a look at how the reports are set up e.g. what visualisations are actually used, which fields go where, or what formatting has been used, you will find quite often that the author of the report has shared the Power BI file (.pbix file) in the description. You are able to download this file and open it in your Power BI Desktop application.

If any of these Power BI reports inspire you and you would like to share what you have created with the growing community of EDGE users using Power BI, please send an email to me at:  We would love to supply the pedestal for talented users to demonstrate their skills and ultimately if the report is useful for you, there is a very good chance it will be useful for others in the EDGE community!

Blog post written by Pat Oxford,
Data Analyst & Knowledge Support, CIRU
University of Southampton

A trip to the EDGE office by Viswin Mallayan

Visveswaran Mallayan, Leicester NHS Trust

We had Viswin Mallayan, Research and Innovation Information Manager at University Hospitals of Leicester NHS Trust join us in the EDGE office a few months back and we thought we would share his story with you:

"I had the great honour of working with the EDGE team in Southampton last month, where I spent my time sharing and gaining knowledge reporting in EDGE and Microsoft Power BI, as well as presenting two webinars on “'Using EDGE and Microsoft Power BI to provide intelligent reports and improved business decisions” to a Canadian Team and all the UK NHS trusts.

I have been an EDGE user for over 18 months and use the system to capture recruitment data and prepare reports for senior management and clinical management groups. I utilise EDGE in conjunction with Microsoft Power BI to provide intelligent reports and help shape and inform clinical management groups’ decisions.

EDGE is one of the best tools with greater flexibility for the end user. This means we are benefiting as we can use the system as an intelligent data management tool to fully integrate information from all departments to produce meaningful and quality data for outcome analysis.

Leicester’s Hospitals uses Microsoft Power BI as a primary reporting tool for research data and we are working with the EDGE team to make common Microsoft Power BI dashboards where any Trust using Edge can see their performance (similar to open data platform).

Since the EDGE Accelerate conference in March of this year, my colleague Carolyn Maloney has guided around 20 NHS trusts in the UK on how to use EDGE for Clinical Research."