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There are three different environments of EDGE available to our users, these being: EDGE live, EDGE Demo and EDGE Beta. Here’s a quick guide on when to use each environment:


The live system used by EDGE and NHS staff. No testing, training or demonstration must ever be carried out on this site.



Designed for demonstration and training purposes in a safe and secure environment. This is also used by EDGE and NHS staff and is maintained as a like for like system comparable to the live system.



Designed for development and testing of functionality updates and this again is used by both the EDGE team and NHS staff. All development work is deployed here first before making its way onto Live and Demo. This means that Beta is one version ahead of the current live and demo systems. The main use of Beta is for user acceptance testing of the new functionality and any testing executed by the EDGE development team.

Prior to the release onto Beta, testing is completed internally to make sure that all enhancements and bug fixes are fit for purpose and suitable for the Live and Demo environments. We then allow users to check new features in Beta to allow an extra level of confidence with our system.


If you have any queries on any of these environments, please contact us at edge@soton.ac.u

Using EDGE Beta & Demo

EDGE Beta Login

When to use which system....

As you may be aware, we provide our users with a BETA version of the EDGE application (http://edgebeta.edge.nhs.uk).  Historically, this has been available for users to demonstrate and train on the EDGE application, as well to test out new functionality before we deploy to the live system.

The BETA version is primarily designed for development and testing of functional changes which have been completed by the EDGE development team.  Due to the nature of its intended purpose, we have identified that the BETA version is inherently unsuitable for demonstrations as we continue to introduce new features and maintain the existing application.  As BETA is a pre-production system, there is also the risk that defects may have been introduced to the application during the software development process.  In addition, the EDGE BETA database may also need to be removed from service without notice for routine upgrades and maintenance, and as such the EDGE team cannot guarantee system availability or that data entered on to the BETA system will remain in place.

We recognise that users need a reliable platform for demonstration and training purposes.  We have therefore created EDGE DEMO which can be accessed at http://edgedemo.edge.nhs.uk. We have created this using a direct copy of the BETA system in order for you to continue to use your existing username and password in the new DEMO system. Additionally, any data you had previously recorded on EDGE BETA will also be available.

Going forward: We would advise you to use EDGE DEMO for demonstration and training purposes as this will allow you to carry out such activity in a safe, secure and reliable dedicated training environment which will be an exact match of the live system. Please remember that EDGE BETA will now only be available for the purposes of User Acceptance Testing, and as such may be unavailable without notice.

If for any reason you are unable to access EDGE Beta or EDGE Demo then please email edge@soton.ac.uk and we are able to set you up with an account.