Life as an EDGE admin by Thomas Bower

Tom Bowers using EDGE

Similar to the universe clinical research at University Hospital Southampton (UHS) is continuously expanding, which has ultimately enabled more studies to be conducted here.  To ensure studies are efficient and hit recruitment targets an increase in staff numbers and departments has occurred to meet this demand.

Like clinical research at UHS, EDGE has constantly evolved since being developed by the Clinical Informatics Research Unit within the Faculty of Medicine at the University of Southampton. With such a great number of individuals and departments within UHS utilising such an intelligent research management system, the role of an EDGE champion was created to overcome any issues that may arise because of this. Alongside my job as a Clinical Research Coordinator, I am also an EDGE champion, who are the human and digital assistants of EDGE and direct users to their solution. We achieve this by providing the central support for individuals and enable efficient communication between clinical teams, management, R&D, finance teams, and support departments.

As a local admin we utilise EDGE in numerous ways from monitoring and providing access to individuals for specific studies, to capturing the current status of studies. In addition to this we are required to have knowledge in all areas of EDGE, which enables us to answer all queries that may be asked from a member of staff. This knowledge would cover aspects including, study statistics, requesting involvement to a study, transfer of ownership, document upload, reporting finances, recruitment activity and reports, study timelines, and so on.

The framework and support that has been created by using EDGE has brought people together and has allowed me as a local admin to create relationships across the trust, that enable me to be more efficient not just in using EDGE but in my role as a Clinical Research Coordinator.

Blog post written by Thomas Bower,
Clinical Research Coordinator, 
University Hospital Southampton