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Celgene- Medical Educational Grant

Celgene are a biotechnology company who seek to deliver truly innovative and life-changing drugs to their patients. Their vision as a company is to build a major global biopharmaceutical corporation while focusing on the discovery, the development, and the commercialization of products for the treatment of cancer and other severe, immune, inflammatory conditions.

Website: https://www.celgene.com


ESMS Global

ESMS Global, formerly part of the Guy’s Poisons Unit, provides a 24-hour medical monitoring and emergency unblinding service for clinical trials, 7 days a week. With a global reach supporting over 300 studies covering more than 200k subjects in 80 countries and with over 45 languages. ESMS have worked tirelessly to establish a mechanism that is continuously available and works to exceed regulatory requirements.

Website: https://esmsglobal.com

CORE Capture

CORE (Clinical On-demand Research) Capture covers a range of expert services which include the design, build and running of electronic forms used in clinical trials across the UK and overseas. Not only does CORE create the forms you need, it also offers randomisation, data management and provides you with those all-important study statistics. CORE captures vital data for researchers working both in the academic world and commercial setting.

Contact: r.s.munday@soton.ac.uk


BAST Inc Ltd offers strategic consulting in pharmacometrics and PKPD modelling and simulation in support of a number of therapeutic areas, including oncology, cardiovascular and neuropharmacology. This advice supports projects in assessing the risk and utility of their therapeutic target through mechanistic modelling. Their clients are predominantly small, medium and large sized pharma companies and venture capital firms.

Website: http://www.bastinc.eu


The Health Research Authority (HRA) exists to protect the interests of patients and the public in health and social care research. They provide assurance that health research is safe, legal and ethical. The HRA with others to create clear and simple processes for assessing research proposals and set standards for responsible research, helping to build public confidence and improve the nation’s health.

Website: http://www.hra.nhs.uk

Castor EDC

Castor EDC is a cloud-based Electronic Data Capture platform that enables researchers worldwide to easily capture high quality, reusable data. The platform enables researchers to set up data capture forms, collaborate with colleagues, invite patients through questionnaires, import, export and analyze their data in a secure, compliant cloud environment, all without elaborate training or technical skills. Castor aim to make medical research more accessible, compliant and efficient to help find cures for disease faster.

Website: www.castoredc.com


The Lincoln Institute for Health – University of Lincoln

The Lincoln Institute for Health (LIH) undertakes research which spans the pathway from ‘bench to bedside’ and ‘cell to community’. Their research focus encompasses biomedicine and disease, drug design and development (bench), and practice and policy related research into quality improvement in health and social care.

Website: https://www.lincoln.ac.uk


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