May 2018 - Jan 2019

Discover more about how different users utilise EDGE in their job roles.

Sean Shillito - jan 19

Sean Shillito, Senior Research Coordinator at NIHR CRN: North West London, discusses how EDGE can be used to help departments within primary care, as well as the unique challenges involved in implementation.

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steven barre - nov 18

Steven Barre, Information Systems Manager at Glasgow Clinical Research Facility, talks about his recent development in reducing time to import patient and project costs into EDGE.

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Nabila cruz - DEC 18

Nabila Cruz, R&D Data Officer from South London and Maudsley NHS Trust, talks about her main responsibilities using EDGE, and her department’s priorities in relation to EDGE for 2019.

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Paloma Amigo, LPMS Manager at Cambridge University Hospitals, actively keeps us up to date with her Trust’s EDGE training and progress through the use of Twitter.

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Tressy Pitt-Kerby - Sep 18

Tressy Pitt-Kerby, Clinical Trials Administrator from Yeovill District NHS Trust, uses EDGE all day, every day. We asked her some questions to hear more.

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Idris Aurangzeb - July 18

Following some great work with EDGE and Power BI, we spoke to Senior Information Manager, Idris Aurangzeb, from Leeds Teaching Hospitals NHS Trust.

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Jen Warmington - Aug 18

Jen Warmington, Senior Clinical Trials Pharmacy Technician from CRN West Midlands, talks to us about her work in getting Pharmacy staff engaged with EDGE.

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Joanna Cantle - June 18

Joanna Cantle, Head of Clinical Trials Pharmacy at University Hospitals Southampton, provided some insight into the use of EDGE within a pharmacy setting.

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