Clinical Informatics Research Unit

EDGE was developed by the Clinical Informatics Research Unit (CIRU) within the Faculty of Medicine at the University of Southampton. We operate as an applied research and enterprise unit working nationally and internationally. Our core aim and vision is to transform clinical research and practice through novel approaches to information and software management.

Within CIRU, we work on much more than just EDGE. Below you can find out more on what else we do within the Clinical Informatics Research Unit. 

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ALEA ECRF is an electronic case report forms service for the data collection in clinical trials. It provides a comprehensive, user friendly forms service which can be used with a standard browser running on any computer connected to the internet. We work closely with Forms Vision BV who supply the ALEA ECRF system.


We have a team of Junior Associate Software Developers known as our ‘Conceptulists’ who work on a variety of innovative projects within the department. The small team have worked on some extremely large projects including building apps and web based systems used within the health and research setting, with many more exciting projects still to come.  

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STAG is a diabetes app for the use in the clinical setting and offers structured decision support for Junior Doctors in diagnosing Hyper and Hypoglycaemia. After our team worked closely with Dr Mayank Patel the STAG app went live in July 2016 and was marketed to Junior Doctors at UHS.


At CIRU we are delighted to have two Research Fellows from the University of Southampton, Dr Mike Head and Dr Rebecca Brown running The Research Investments in Global Health study (ResIn). Funded by the Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation the study is an analysis of investments in infectious disease research awarded to UK institutions that built on the work of, and support from the Infectious Disease Research Network

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UHS Revalid is a web based application which is set to go live later this year and will be used by University Hospitals Southampton NHS Trust to manage the annual appraisals of doctors within the trust. It supports the user by being able to store notes, evidence, as well as record complaints and other incidents.

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Another member of the CIRU team is Dr Hang Phan who is working on the exciting project ‘BRC Data Science Crosscutter’. The mission of this study is to translate world leading nutrition and respiratory discovery science into better health outcomes at every stage of life and at every point of care through participatory research.

At CIRU we work with a number of different organisations which include...

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