EDGE in the UK

EDGE was developed in 2000 within the National Cancer Research Network and since then the success of the system has grown rapidly and it continues to go from strength to strength helping more organisations manage their research through a simple, adaptive and robust web-based system. 

With over 80% of NHS trusts now using EDGE and extensive use across Wales, Scotland and Northern Ireland, the potential for collaboration across a shared platform is enormous. Collaboration has been at the heart of our culture ever since EDGE was developed and we believe we are now at the point where this strength through size can make a real difference to research across the UK. With faster access to more real time data, organisations can start to really leverage this to provide insight into their research activity. 


The flexibility offered by EDGE means we have been able to successfully introduce it not just to the research staff but also to our service departments. This means we are benefiting as we can use the system as an intelligent data management tool to fully integrate information from all departments to produce meaningful, quality data for outcome analysis.
— Dr Maria Maguire, Research Manager, The Clatterbridge Centre NHS Foundation Trust