EDGE provides an innovative cloud-based clinical management system that empowers frontline clinicians to make the most of their research data. EDGE is specifically designed to give a real-time view of clinical research activity within a single hospital or across various research networks within the UK, Canada & beyond.

EDGE is quickly becoming a leader in healthcare research management.

Our objectives are to:

  • Improve the quality of research management

  • Facilitate and promote a collaborative research environment

  • Maintain a high standard of application development and support

  • Create informatics solutions that speed up the pipeline of clinical research

Our vision is to become the most trusted intelligent research management system amongst clinical research professionals in the UK and internationally. 

We provide our subscribers with more than just innovative software. Our Knowledge and Development teams work closely with organisations to provide regular support as well as identify collaborative opportunities. Together we can transform the way research projects are managed, providing accessibility through:

  • Document management

  • Bespoke field creation

  • Project and Project Site Workflows

  • Finance functions

  • Contact information

  • Infrastructure architecture

  • Study management

  • Full patient management

  • Staff management

  • Site management

  • Exceptional in depth reporting functions

We have transformed a complex undertaking into a simple intuitive system that focuses around accessibility for multiple user types.

Working with world-class organisations, EDGE provides the software and the support to help you deliver successful medical research across the UK and the rest of the world.