For login and authentication issues you should contact your Local EDGE Administrator within your organisation.

If you don’t know who this is, click on the Support tab in EDGE and the details of Local Administrators will be displayed. Alternatively, you can contact our Knowledge and Delivery team who will be happy to let you know.

The Knowledge team are responsible for initiating and overseeing all implementations of the EDGE application within Hospital Trusts, Coordinating Centres and LCRNs. They provide training and support throughout the implementation process and give each local administrator a direct point of contact for any queries or questions.

The Knowledge team also work closely with the Development team at EDGE in shaping and defining new system functionality within EDGE, helping to create a culture of continuous improvement. The nature of the close working partnership between the Knowledge Team and the organisations means that new system functionality and improvements are often a result of direct feedback received from the users themselves.

Support and Training

Our wealth of experience in implementing the EDGE software means we are acutely aware of the challenges faced by an organisation and their staff in any system and departmental reform and we are here to support and guide them through that process.

Core Implementation is our package of training, support and the process for implementation of the EDGE application which all new subscribers receive as part of their standard subscription fee schedule. This consists of:

  • Train the Trainer (T3) Sessions
  • Assistance to develop a draft High Level Implementation Plan
  • Technical Support for local administrators
  • Edge Awareness teleconference