Access real time clinical data to oversee your studies 

EDGE gives you the power to have a real time overview of all research activity taking place at your sites on your studies.

EDGE has already been implemented in over 80% of NHS Trusts and across multiple other countries meaning that there is little extra work required to monitor and report on this data in order to use it to accurately track and manage your study.

The system is scalable and flexible, allowing you to easily implement if any of the few remaining sites that do not use it, ensuring that you get your data in real time and they get a research system that supports and facilitates them in their day to day work.

Access to EDGE will:

  • Save costly implementation and training costs associated with implementing a new research system into a site
  • Improve communication with the staff on the ground setting up and running the trial
  • Work with real time data, provided directly from the staff at the hospital conducting your research

Access to the system will ensure that as the Organisation in charge of the study, you have access to the data you need, being recorded by the staff at site so that you have the ability to effectively manage your research.  

To find out more about EDGE or to book a demo please contact

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