Central to the ethos at EDGE is the sharing of best practice in our community. We see great NHS organisations and Networks doing some excellent and forward thinking work. To highlight and share this work we have created this ‘Help Yourself’ section on our website. Here we will provide links to certain support articles which have been created by our users or by the team.

Remember, you must be logged into EDGE in order to access these articles.

Finance: Here you can access two finance guides created by one of our local admins from Salisbury NHS Foundation Trust. These guides cover how to build costing templates and apply costs to projects within EDGE. These guides will be useful to those with both admin access to EDGE and those who have manage rights on a project. Find out more here.

Recording patient events: This article will provide you with details on the Events section under a patient record and explains how to use this functionality when recording a patient event such as a SAE, SUSAR or AR. Please remember that only users with clinical access to a project will be able to access this piece of functionality. Learn more here.

Building project attribute reports: You may already have entities that you are using which contain a number of attributes (fields) which you have applied to either your project or project site. EDGE enables you to build bespoke reports based on the core information recorded within the system and the attributes you have created. Discover more here.

Training videos: We have put together 5 Refresher Training videos which cover everything from creating accounts in EDGE to how to fully use the reporting functionality within the system. To access these videos please click here. 

Do you require further EDGE support?

If you need further help or you were looking for something more specific then please access our support centre where you can search for an item you need help with.