Have you enhanced the efficiency and productivity of clinical research using data collected in EDGE? Or do you know somebody who has?

At our recent conference, we noticed that many users demonstrated genuine skill and expertise using EDGE. As a result, we feel that it is highly important that other users and organisations learn and benefit from these users. It is worth remembering that the research management process is enhanced because of you and your skillset.

We are calling out to all users to submit a poster or short abstract demonstrating their core skills using EDGE. 

In the abstract, please provide a brief summary (in no more than 150 words):

  • What were the problems/bottlenecks at your organisation?
  • Who was involved, and how did you engage with these individuals?
  • What needed to be done to overcome these problems?
  • What happened, and how did you solve these issues using EDGE?

Please contact with your abstract or let us know if you would like to submit a poster.